Finding Forms (2017) Augmented Box Gum Leaf (2017) Look closer (2016) Tiffany Lamp (2011) Modem (2011)
Whale tail brooch (2017) Same same but different (2016) Look closer (2016) Unearth (2011)
Frankenbrooch (2017) Same same but different (2016) Look closer (2016) Namu Nalgae (2011)
Frankenbrooch (2017 Look closer (2016) GeoKnit (2014) A touch of sun (2011) Desk fan (2010)


I am a designer across multiple disciplines. In my work, life I design IT systems and solutions and in my spare time I am a jewellery artist and maker. As a maker I enjoy exploring and experimenting with processes and techniques, testing the properties and limits of materials, and creating objects with intent, purpose and awareness. Generally, how an object is developed and made is equally (if not more) important as the final product and its finished form. The how and why we create, relate to, interact and emotionally connect with objects, environments and processes are areas I am keen to examine and explore.

As a designer/artist my goal is to create these experiences:

Connection: where a person wants to interact and engage further with a digital or physical object or process. Whether it is an emotional response or an attraction to an aesthetic, I want them to react, connect and seek something more.

Discovery: a path of exploration to navigate around an object or environment. A time where a person interacts, learns and starts to create connections in their mind.

Realisation: A point in time where it all comes together. A moment of clarity when a concept is understood and a person becomes aware of what they are interacting with and/or why. That 'light bulb' moment when thoughts crystallise and a person reaches a conclusion or understanding for the first time.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

email: minnajun@gmail.com
instagram: minna_jun
linkedIn: minnajun

If you'd like to meet and chat or collaborate on a project, I'd love to hear from you!